At Nathan’s we specialise in bringing cars back to life so their quality gleams.
A word from Nathan!!
With a lifelong experience in the automotive and vehicle restoration industry, I set up Nathan’s to provide a top quality and comprehensive service for owners of motoring icons – from a Vespa to an Aston and beyond. The select team here at Nathan’s can undertake rectification works on both original and modified cars.
In recent years we have personally completed full restorations on many of the cars featured in the hit TV show Car SOS. Work we’ve done includes full strip down, welding, fabrication, paintwork, trim, mechanical, electrical and reassembly.
We can bring the same magic to your own cherished car, whether it is a complete basket case or just needs minor works.
We’re used to working with tight deadlines and by bringing together such a wide variety of skills under one roof, Nathan’s ensures your car receives the attention it deserves!!


  1. Hello,l have a rear boot spoiler that l have got it is not on the car and l can bring it to you so you will hopefully get a price for spraying,it is ford panther black.many thanks


  2. Hi Paul,
    Apologies for the delayed reply!! Due to covid i have currently been out of the office.
    Are you still looking at getting the spoiler painted?
    If you could give us a call on 01922 456064 or email us direct that would be great.
    Kind Regards


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